How did I start blogging?

At the beginning of my junior year, I was working retail and realized how much I loved putting together outfits and working with customers to help them find clothes that they felt confident and beautiful in. I've always loved how the right outfit can completely change your mood and make you feel amazing! One day I decided to start an Instagram account, mostly for myself to keep track of some of my favorite outfits I had put together so that I could reference them later on days when I couldn’t think of anything to wear.

Who takes my pictures?

More often than not I team up with other Nashville area bloggers and we take each others pictures! If that's not an option, I set up the shot and will hand off my camera to either my boyfriend or whatever friend happens to be around! 



What camera do I use?

I use a Canon Rebel T5 with a 50mm lens! I usually set my aperture at 1.8, my ISO at 100 (if I'm outside, 200-400 if I'm inside) and then only adjust the shutter speed! 


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