Burgundy and Blanket Scarves


Jacket Old Navy (another staple that I've had for years! It comes in a bunch of colors and is on SALE!) / Dress Piko / Scarf Similar / Shoes Red Dress Boutique (c/o) / Bag Barrington Gifts (c/o)

I was telling Alex when we were shooting this that I'm pretty sure I've posted like 52394830 variations of this outfit, but honestly, sometimes those are the best type of outfits! I love this one because aside from the shoes which are a bit on the trendier side, it's made up of basics that I'm sure most of you probably already have some version of hanging in your closet (or if you're like me, crumpled up on your closet floor...). Whenever I post outfits like this, I always think of that scene from the Lizzie Mcguire movie where Kate yells at Lizzie for being an outfit repeater, but you know what? Sometimes I LOVE being an outfit repeater! I love finding outfits like this that are so classic you can wear them year after year! I'm pretty sure this dress is one of my most worn dresses EVER. It was actually one of the first purchase I made right after I started my blog almost for years ago! What are your favorite closet staple pieces?