Reducing Digital Eye Strain with Phonetic Eyewear

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My natural habitat- sitting on the couch in comfy clothes working on blog posts, glass of wine in hand! 

My natural habitat- sitting on the couch in comfy clothes working on blog posts, glass of wine in hand! 

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Hey friends, Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it's only Tuesday? I can't. It already feels like it should be Thursday or at least Wednesday by now! Jerry and I got back from NYC a little over a week ago and have literally been sick since the day we got back. It started out with a bad cold, which finally went away by Saturday morning, but by Sunday night we somehow both came down with the flu? Not exactly sure how because neither of us had really left the apartment all week, but I think that's on the way out now too thank goodness!

Anyways, one of my worst symptoms with both the cold and the flu has been a constant headache, but since I've been stuck at home I've still been trying to get as much blog stuff done as I can because it's not often that I'm sitting at home for days at a time like this! The only problem with trying to use this time to get blog stuff done is that it means staring at a screen for hours on end, and with a bad headache to start with, that's not usually the best idea! Luckily, I was already in the midst of working on this post with Phonetic Eyewear, so the timing could not have been better because these glasses have literally been a lifesaver this week! 

Phonetic Eyewear offers both prescription and non prescription glasses in a ton of super cute shapes and colors, and basically what makes them special is that they've got a coating on their lenses that is designed to help prevent digital eye strain from the blue light that comes from computers and other backlit devices like phones and tablets.

Their effect is somewhat similar to the Flux setting on a computer, but much less intense, which I appreciate because I've always hated how the Flux setting distorted colors, especially since I do most of my editing for blog photos late at night which is when protection is needed most. With the glasses, the only time I notice any difference in color is when I take them off an on while looking at a screen to compare them, I notice that the light seems a little bit softer and yellower with them on, and a bit bluer and harsher with them off, but it's slight enough that it doesn't affect me when I'm editing my photos, which I love! 

If you're someone who spends a lot of time looking at screens, I would definitely recommend giving these a try because they honestly have made a huge difference. If you do give them a try, be sure to use my code "OS-STYLE" (case sensitive) to get 10% off!