Tassel Earrings and Tropical Dresses

Dress Shop Buddy Love (c/o) / Turquoise Tassel Earrings Red Dress Boutique / Sunglasses Nordstrom (Under $15!) / Booties Kelsi Dagger (similar)

Happy Wednesday! It's currently 5 AM and I am headed to Atlanta to pick a friend up from the airport! Her flight lands at 7:30 Atlanta time, so we've been driving since 3 AM Nashville time. We've decided to make a day of it, so we're headed to brunch as soon as we pick her up and I've brought a couple of outfits to shoot (check my Insta Stories for a sneak peak!) if we have time! That being said, if anybody has any must-see suggestions in Atlanta, let me know! I'll be posting on Snapchat and Insta Stories all day, so be sure to follow along on our little adventure! 

Now I guess it's time to talk about my outfit really quick! I feel like I've been on a huge off the shoulder kick lately, and I don't see it ending any time soon! I've been LOVING anything and everything off the shoulder these past few weeks! I'm trying to branch out, but let's be real, when it comes to shopping I have no self control... Whoops. So off the shoulder everything coming your way this month, be ready! I am absolutely loving the fun tropical pattern on this dress, it makes me wish I was hanging out on a beach somewhere sipping on a margarita! I got these tassel earrings last Summer at Forever 21, but I've found a bunch of similar pairs, a couple of which are $30 dupes for the $98 pair that was EVERYWHERE last Summer! I've linked them all in the scroll bar below!