Getting Organized with Lauren James

Lauren James Timeless Planner (c/o) / Dress Similar 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am probably one of the least organized people EVER. And I'm totally not afraid to admit it, because there's honestly no hiding it. My mom is always getting on me to use the calendar on my iPhone, but that's never really helped me because I like to be able to see everything written out in front of me. The only thing that's ever really helped me stay organized is writing EVERYTHING down. Which is why I was so excited when Lauren James reached out to me about their Timeless Planner. I had recently bought a planner, but because I had bought said planner in June, half of it was useless and I had been waiting until August when I could buy a new one because the fact that it was a 2016/17 calendar really bothered me for some reason. The cool thing about the Lauren James timeless planner is that it doesn't matter what time of year you start using it. None of the months have the days numbered, so you can start whenever and number the days yourself! I've never seen this in a planner before and it's honestly such a good idea, I don't know how it didn't happen sooner! 

The other really cool thing about the Lauren James Timeless Planner is that not only does it have a holiday list as well as the typical week/month at a glance that all planners have, it also has an area to track how much water you've had to drink that day, and to plan out your meals for the week! I LOVE this feature because I am literally the worst at grocery shopping, so it really helps me to plan all of my meals out before heading to the store-- that way I know exactly what to buy, instead of getting halfway through the week and realizing that I'm out of ingredients that go together (adulting is hard...).

As you guys probably know if you follow my blog and Instagram, I've also been traveling a ton lately (I'm literally writing this post from the airport...) so not only do I need something to keep track of all of my travel dates so that I can have things shipped to the right address and figure out when to sneak in shoots (#bloggerproblems), I need something that's easy to throw in my bag. My Lauren James planner fits in my bag perfectly, so I can bring it with me wherever I go! 



This post was sponsored by Lauren James, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!