Packing the Perfect Beach Bag

Top / Bottoms / Sunnies (similar here)

Sunnies / Swimsuit

Is there anything better than a long day at the beach? I don’t think so either! I LOVE the beach, and I think I’ve figured out how to pack a pretty great beach bag, because let’s be real, once you’re down by the water, you don’t want to leave for anything!

First off, I always try to find a super cute beach bag that’s big enough to hold everything I’ll be throwing in it. I really like THIS one.

Sunscreen - This is probably THE single most important thing you will pack. If nothing else, remember to bring sunscreen. Otherwise you’ll hate yourself at the end of the day.

Chapstick with SPF - This is SO easy to forget, but the last thing you want is sunburnt lips!

Water - I always fill my 32oz HydroFlask with ice cold water before heading down to the beach. Water is almost as important as sunscreen. It’s hot and you’ll get super dehydrated, especially if any tropical drinks are involved. Make SURE to stay safe and bring water. 

Baby powder - baby powder is great because it helps to absorb water and get the sand off of your feet/legs!

Morroccan oil or detangler - Salt water will eff your hair up. it always makes mine feel so gross and sticky. I like to bring a detangler to spray in my hair after rinsing it off to help brush through it a bit easier. 

Tangle teezer - I LOVE my travel tangle teezer. I carry it in my bag pretty much everywhere I go because you never know when you’ll need to brush your hair. It’s especially great for the beach when between the wind and salt water, your hair gets out of control. 

Hair Tie - In case even the detangled and tangle teezer can’t salvage the hair situation.

Sunglasses - For obvious reasons. And so that nobody can tell that you’re not wearing eye makeup. These are some of my favorite cheap sunnies! 

Face Sunscreen - This is something you definitely don't want to forget! I always make sure to get sunscreen especially for faces, because I don't want regular sunscreen to make me break out.

Canned wine/cocktails - Drinks can be expensive, so (if it’s allowed) bring your own cocktails from your room down to the beach with you! Just make sure they’re in a can or pouch and not in glass! I love THIS canned wine and THESE margarita pouches. 

Koozie - This might just be from living in the south for the last 5 years, but I always bring a koozie with me to the beach! I hate when the drink sweats and you get sand all over the can! 

Cute Beach towel - Costco beach towels are the best! 

Hat - it’s always nice to have a hat with you to protect your face when it starts to get a bit too hot. My favorite is this one from Honeymoon Hats.

Bottoms / Top / Hat (c/o)

Headphones - Because nobody else wants to listen to your music, lets be real. 

Sun protective Tee - This is optional, but if you’re going to a beach that’s not nearby your hotel it’s always nice to have a upf shirt to protect you from the sun in case you start to get burnt and can’t find shade. I love THIS one from Shedolane. 

Hand Lotion - Every time I swim in salt water my hands feel SO dry once I get out. Hand lotion is something I always forget but always find myself wishing I had!

I hope this list was helpful! Let me know if there’s anything that you bring in your beach bag that you think I should have included in mine! Also, if you enjoyed, feel free to print or pin the checklist below!