Falling for Florals


Dress SheIn (c/o) / Shoes Nordstrom 

You guys. This dress. Its under $30 and SUCH good quality, especially for the price! I've found that sometimes stores like SheIn can be hit or miss, but I've had really good luck finding pieces I LOVE and in my years of shopping there (I've been shopping on SheIn since long before I even started my blog!) I've only ever had one or two pieces that I didn't love! The trick is to always read the reviews, often times they'll even have pictures that people have taken wearing the clothes. That's always my main rule when shopping sites like that. I will hardly buy anything without reading the reviews first, so if a piece doesn't have reviews yet, I usually won't get it. 

This dress was definitely a win, and I'm in love! The fabric is super thick, which I love! I typically stay away from white because I don't like having to worry about what I'm wearing underneath (and because I'm clumsy AF and am constantly spilling on myself...) but the fabric on this dress is thick enough that I'm wearing a black bra and green nike shorts underneath and you can't tell at all! Also, thank goodness I WAS wearing nike shorts underneath, because literally 5 minutes after these pictures were taken I slipped on ice and fell on my ass, and lets just say literally everyone on the bridge saw my nike shorts! Haha