The Cutest Monogrammed Sweatshirts!


Sweatshirt Feathered Nest Boutique (c/o) / Jeans Similar / Boots Hunter / Necklace Kendra Scott (c/o) / Euler's Leash KJP (c/o) / Euler's Collar KJP (c/o) 

Fun fact about Euler, we think his tongue is way too big for his mouth, so 90% of the time he just sits there with his mouth closed and his tongue sticking out. Sometimes it will be sticking out almost a full inch! When he was a puppy, we thought it was just because he was missing his two front baby teeth, but when they grew in he still would always have his tongue out. It's probably the cutest thing that he does. 

I asked on my Insta stories this morning if you guys wanted to see more casual clothes, and most of you said yes, which makes me SO happy, because casual clothes are my absolute favorite! When I'm at home, I LIVE in these monogrammed Comfort Colors sweatshirts from Feathered Nest Boutique! I have this one and this one that's a super cute simple embroidered monogram (I'm actually wearing it as I write this!) which I'm wearing in this instagram post