Current Fall Favorites!


Happy Monday! I haven’t done one of these types of posts before, but I’ve been sharing so many things I’ve been loving on my Instagram stories lately, so I thought I’d do a full post all about my current fall favorites! Let me know if you guys like these types of posts, and I’ll definitely try to do more of them!

Style Favorites:

Since this is a fashion blog, I thought I’d start with my top 5 favorite pieces to wear right now! Basically I’ve been loving everything cozy and warm! These are some of the pieces I’ve been wearing non-stop lately!

  1. This cardigan from Chicwish is SO cozy and warm, and I am in love with the fun sleeves! I love it because it’s a fun way to spice up any fall outfit! So far I’ve worn it over this scalloped J Crew factory tank (which I’ve also been loving lately) and over this dress that I picked up from Nordstrom for our engagement pictures last week!

  2. These leggings are my all time favorite leggings! I have them in two colors, and I’ve been wearing them both nonstop! They’re so comfy and well made, especially for the price! I’m currently considering buying them in a 3rd color. I also love that they’re high waisted, so they suck you in a bit more than normal leggings!

  3. This sweater is the first cashmere sweater I’ve ever owned, and I'm seriously obsessed! It’s a bit of an investment, but it is so soft and cozy and elegant looking that I think it is definitely worth the price! And, it’s on sale right now!

  4. This jacket is another piece that if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been wearing non-stop! It’s perfect for early fall, because it’s warm without being TOO warm! It has a really cute checkered lining, and is just big enough that I’ll be able to layer it over chunky sweaters when it gets a bit colder!

  5. This Marley Lilly sweater is actually from last year, but I’ve found myself reaching for it over and over lately! I love that it’s on the longer side, so it’s perfect to wear with leggings, and it’s so soft and cozy! It’s still available on their website and under $50!

Trader Joe’s Favorites:

I’ve added an Insta story highlight talking all about my favorite Trader Joe’s items, but I figured I’d talk about my top 5 here in a bit more detail! I plan on doing a full post on my Trader Joe’s favorites, but for now here are a few that I have been buying every single time we go!

  1. Chai Tea Latte Mix! This stuff is seriously amazing, and has helped me save SO much money on Starbucks lately! I mix about half a scoop of it in with my coffee, add a bit of almond milk, and stir and it tastes like a fancy Starbucks drink for like 1/10th of the price!

  2. Spiced Apple Cider! This is another fall drink favorite! Jerry and I like to heat it up at night and curl up to watch scary movies! It’s SO good! You can also mix in a little bit of whiskey or spiced rum to make it even more fun! We typically use it as our weeknight drink in place of wine though, so most of the time we just drink it as is!

  3. All their Gnocci! One of my favorite things to make lately is Trader Joe’s Gnocci (found in the freezer section) with some kind of meat! If we use the Sweet Potato Gnocci, I mix it with ground chicken and it’s so good and easy! If we use the Gorgonzola Gnocci, I’ll buy a package of their garlic sausages and cut those up and mix them in! And then if we use the Gnocci Alla Sorrentina, we mix in some ground beef! Pair any of those combos with some kind of roasted veggie and you’ve got a quick, easy and yummy dinner!

  4. Mandarin Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice! This is my favorite for a quick easy comfort meal! I always have this stocked in my freezer. When I make the vegetable fried rice, I add one egg and a bit of soy sauce while I’m cooking it!

  5. Their tortellini! I like to buy the cheese tortellini from the refrigerator section and their creamy tomato soup, and then cook the tortellini in the creamy tomato soup! I will usually add either a bit of chicken broth or heavy cream in order to thin out the soup a bit so that it cooks the tortellini a bit better, and a cube or two of frozen garlic and basil! Most of the time I also make grilled cheese sandwiches on french bread to dip into the soup!

Favorite Fall Recipes:

I have a few recipes I rotate between when the weather gets colder, and these are my favorites from this year and last!

  1. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup! This is seriously my favorite soup of ALL time, and I don’t even like tomatoes. It’s so creamy and good, I LOVE it for a cold fall day! This is another one that I usually make grilled cheese to dip into it whenever I make it!

  2. Sweet Potato Turkey Chili! This one is so good and easy, and it makes a TON! Whenever I make it Jerry and I usually have leftovers for days afterwards!

  3. Banana bread! There’s something about warm banana bread that just screams fall! I’ve made this recipe a couple of times this year already. I love it because it’s so quick and easy and makes your kitchen smell amazing!

  4. Adult Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Because well, duh! I came up with this recipe last year and it’s still one of my favorite fall drinks! I’m sure if you did it on a stove you could make a hot pumpkin spice latte, too! Just be sure not to heat it too much, because you definitely don’t want to cook out the alcohol! Or maybe just add the alcohol after you’ve heated the milk?

  5. Stuffed Peppers! This is another go-to recipe because it saves well, so you can make a few in advance and have lunches throughout the week!

I hope you guys loved this type of post and found some new faves to try! Let me know your thoughts and if this was helpful for you, and I’ll start doing posts like this more regularly!