Affordable, Semi Custom Veils? Yes Please!

This post was sponsored by Anomalie, but as always all opinions are 100% my own!

Pictured: Oopsie Daisy Fingertip Veil

Pictured: Oopsie Daisy Fingertip Veil

When I first started thinking about our wedding, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to wear a veil. My mom didn’t wear one, and I just didn’t feel a huge need. But then I started looking at wedding pictures to get an idea of what style of photography we wanted to go with, and I quickly changed my mind when I realized that I was especially drawn to the shots where the brides wore veils. After looking at hundreds of pictures, I decided that a veil seemed to complete the look. They make the overall look just a little bit more extra and “bridal,” and add a bit of drama and romance to the photos.

Once I decided that I did want to wear a veil after all, I started getting a little overwhelmed by the potential added cost. Since it wasn’t something I had originally planned for in my wedding budget, I definitely didn’t want to spend too much. In some of the wedding Facebook groups I’m in, I had heard of veils costing $500+ and I couldn’t imagine paying that much money for something I’d wear for a total of 15 minutes. I mean seriously, that’s two car payments right there… But then when I started designing my wedding dress with Anomalie (which you can read all about in this post), I learned that not only do they offer fully custom veils at super affordable prices, they also were in the process of launching their own line of affordable, semi custom veils, so anybody can get that custom veil look without the typical custom veil price tag!

Their veil line just launched this past Monday, and after looking at the different options I am so excited to order my own! I definitely know I want a longer veil because I love the drama that the length adds, but right now I’m torn between three styles: Hint of Sparkle, Oopsie Daisy or Tulle Have + Tulle Hold. I think I’m going to wait a bit to make a final decision so I can get a better idea of what my dress will like once it’s closer to being done!

So, while we’re on the topic of veils, how do you decide which style of veil is right for your dress?

While when it comes down to it, this is definitely personal preference and you should absolutely wear whatever makes you feel the best, but I thought it would be fun to take a look at the veils in Anomalie’s new line and figure out which style of dress each veil would go best with!

First off, let’s start with their classic tulle veil! I like this one because of how simple it is! This is the perfect option if you’ve got a dress that has a lot going on! It adds that bridal feel without taking away from your gorgeous dress or making the look too busy! This is the only veil where I think you could honestly get away with wearing any length with any style of dress. Whether your dress is extremely simple or covered with a ton of lace and beading, Tulle Have + Tulle Hold is the perfect safe bet to complete the look, and I truly don’t think you can go wrong no matter what style of dress you pair it with!

The Hint of Sparkle veils still have that gorgeous, classic simplicity to them, but the beading on the trim elevates the look and adds a bit of luxury! Because it is still on the simple side, this veil is another really versatile option! While I do think that this veil could be paired with most styles and look amazing, I see it looking gorgeous with a very simple satin dress, or a dress with lace on top and a simple chiffon skirt. I like how the beading elevates the style, but is subtle enough that it still looks elegant and won’t really take away from the dress at all.

The Oopsie Daisy is my personal favorite style! I love the larger floral lace pattern because since the lace isn’t too intricate, it won’t clash with similar floral lace patterns if you choose to mix and match! If your dress has a similar lace pattern, I love this style because the lace makes it look much more custom and intentional, like it was made just for your dress. I think the fingertip length would be gorgeous with a mermaid style or more form fitting dress, the court length style would look stunning with an a-line skirt, and the cathedral length would add even more drama to a ballgown or something simple and fitted with a gorgeous train.

Okay, this veil gives me ALL the royal wedding vibes (which I guess makes sense, the style name is called “Royal Treatment” after all). One thing I love about this dress is that it looks almost antique without looking aged, if that makes sense? Like it looks like something that could have once been used as your mother or grandmothers veil, but it also doesn’t look out of date in the slightest. It’s timeless and classic and would look absolutely stunning with any dress that has a more intricate eyelash style lace! Again, I think the fingertip style would look gorgeous with more of a mermaid style dress, and the court length would look perfect with any dress with a shorter train or no train at all. The cathedral length would look pretty with a fit and flare dress with a train, either simple with no lace or with a similar lace!

My favorite thing about the Simply Scalloped style is the fun, scalloped edge! I think this style is super youthful and fun looking, and would pair well with a more textured, viney (is that even a word) lace or a very simple lace free dress like the one in the middle! I love the way it looks with simple dresses because it really allows the scalloped edge to make a statement, but I also like the way it looks paired with a textured lace like it is in the first photo because it really pulls the look together! I think for this veil, the cathedral style would look stunning paired with an extremely simple white dress with a long train (similar to the one I wore in this Instagram post) or a tulle ballgown. I love the way they paired the fingertip style with the fitted lace dress, and think that the court length would look gorgeous with a similar lace dress or with a simple dress like the one shown!

Last but not least, the Vintage Vines veil! I like this veil because the lace is actually Guipure, so it’s a little thicker and more heavy duty than most laces. Similar to the Royal Treatment style, this veil has a gorgeous vintage look to it, but is a more subtle option since it isn’t as thick. This would be gorgeous with an elegant, vintage looking dress with either no lace, or a lace that is not floral.

Obviously I’m no expert and all of these are just suggestions, so I’d love to hear your favorite pairings if you had different dresses in mind while looking at the veils! While I only featured the single layer veils, each style does have a double layer option as well, and you can view the entire collection here! I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited about this line because it gives brides a ton of different length and style options at a much more affordable price than what you’ll find in most bridal boutiques! And, if you don’t see exactly what you want, they have the option to create a fully custom veil, too! Out of all of the styles I showed, which one was your favorite?



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