Meet My Bridesmaids (And How I Asked Them!)

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, and since I leave for my bachelorette party bright and early tomorrow morning, I figured now would be the perfect time! Sooo… let’s talk bridesmaids! Who they are, why I love them, and most importantly, how I asked them!

Wine Tumblers, Personalized Wine Label, Bridesmaid proposal
Wine tumbler, monogram, beach

So, since you guys know how much I love wine, it’s probably no surprise that I used wine and these cute little wine tumblers to propose to my bridesmaids! I wanted something fun, and I wanted to include a gift that they could use on the morning of the wedding while we’re getting ready and at the bachelorette party. I reached out to Kathryn at Feathered Nest Boutique, and she suggested and created these adorable wine tumblers, and they honestly could not be more perfect! We went with marble and burgundy, because I loved how the marble made the burgundy (which is one of my wedding colors) pop! I chose to do their monograms instead of having it say “bridesmaid”, because I wanted it to be something that they could use regularly, and let’s be real, nobody uses anything that says “bridesmaid” once the wedding is over!

Whether you’re looking for bridesmaid proposal gifts, wedding day gifts, things to get ready in the morning of your wedding, or even just cute, seasonal pieces, I highly encourage you to check out Feathered Nest Boutique! She has the cutest shirts, mugs, and gifts for literally ANY occasion!

What my labels looked like!

What my labels looked like!

Here’s an empty version for you to use!

Here’s an empty version for you to use!

Once I had the wine tumblers, I wanted to include something to fill them with, obviously! So I got each girl a bottle of wine, and created these labels for them using Canva! I tried to figure out how to share the template with you in a way that you could edit it to use yourself, but I couldn’t make that work, so I included a filled out version as an example, and a blank version for you to take to create your own labels to ask your girls! Once I had them created, I just took them to FedEx and had them printed on sticker paper!

Now… Time to meet my amazing bridesmaids!


Mae and I have been best friends since first grade, so asking her to be my Maid of Honor was a no brainer! We’ve lived across the country from each other for almost 7 years now, but that hasn’t changed anything. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other we always pick right back up like we were never apart! She has seriously been so amazing at helping me plan everything, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

Clare and I.jpg

Clare is my sister, and while we’ve always been close, I feel like we’ve actually gotten even closer over the past couple of years. She’s four years younger than me, but she’s definitely way cooler than me. I’m so excited to have her in Vegas this week because she actually just turned 21 this past Saturday, so this is the first time ever that we’ll be able to go out together. I’m curious, do you guys think we look alike? We get told all the time that we do, and sometimes we see it, but not always. I’m DEFINITELY seeing it in this picture though! lol

Ali is my other sister, and I like to joke that she’s my parents favorite, but it’s okay because she deserves it. She’s definitely smarter than me, cooler than me, and (as Jerry loves to point out) WAYY better at gymnastics than I ever was! Seriously though, I am constantly impressed by the things Ali is achieving and am so lucky to have her as a sister! Sadly, she won’t be coming to Vegas with us (she’s 13), but I can’t wait to celebrate with her when I am back in Washington for a couple of days after Vegas! Also I realized when working on this post that we somehow have zero pictures of just the two of us together, so that’s going to need to change!


Cristina and I met in High School cheer and have been friends ever since! Even though we were friends in high school, I think we’ve actually gotten way closer since, which is funny since we live across the country from each other! She’s another one of those friends I can see after months of not seeing each other and it’s like absolutely no time has passed!

lauren and I.jpg

Lauren is my little (we were Alpha Gamma Delta!) and has remained one of my best friends, even after moving back to LA. Even from a distance, she has helped me stay sane throughout planning, especially in the early stages of planning my bachelorette, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her! She also gives me another excuse to visit California, so… Also, we have very few pictures of just the two of us together, so enjoy this throwback to big little reveal 5ish years ago! lol

josie and I 2.jpg

Josie is also my little (I took twins even though I promised her I wouldn’t… Sorry, but also you’re welcome). We bonded from the beginning over our love of wine night, and the fact that we were both crazy enough to love talking about wedding stuff long before either of us was even remotely close to getting engaged, so naturally, she was an obvious bridesmaid choice once I finally WAS engaged! (speaking of throwbacks, this was taken about 5 years ago, the day before choosing who we wanted our bigs/littles to be, so I was trying V hard to convince her I was cool that day. lol)


If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know Alex! We met through blogging, and have been friends ever since! We take each others blog pictures, enable each others fast food addictions, and pretty much show up at any blog event together. When one of us goes to something without the other, people are always shocked. lol

Writing this post has made me even more excited to spend the weekend with some of my absolute favorite people! As you can see, we live all over the country, so I cannot wait to see them again, and for them to finally meet each other! I’ll be sharing a ton from the weekend on Instagram and Instagram stories, so be sure to follow along and join in on the fun!