How Jerry and I Met

Jerry's watch Walnut and Jet Black Conway (c/o) / My watch Zebrawood and Champagne Frankie (c/o from this post)  

I'm so excited about today's post with Jord Watches, because it gives me the perfect excuse to introduce you all to my best friend, and the world's most reluctant Instagram boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, he supports my blogging more than anybody I know, but he avoids the camera like the plague! haha 

Jerry and I met my freshman year of college, when a friend of mine was dating a guy who lived on his floor. My friend and I went to Belmont, which is a very small Christian school with not much going on, so like most students there we would make the short trek down the road to Vanderbilt when we were looking for things to do on the weekends. Most of the dorms there apparently were pretty quiet, but somehow their floor had worn out the RA to the point where they would throw loud, floor wide parties pretty much every weekend and she would just let it happen. So every now and then when my friend would go to visit her boyfriend, a group of us would tag along. 

I'd seen Jerry at a couple of the parties, but he was talking to another girl at the time so obviously he was off limits. All of my friends started to meet people and pair off, so I started talking to a different guy who turned out to be the most annoying guy I've ever met. Like, so bad. I don't know what I was thinking. The night I realized how annoying this guy was, a huge group of us were going to a karaoke bar downtown. The whole time this guy was being SO obnoxious that I started talking to Jerry instead. The girl he was talking to hadn't been able to make it out that night, so that was the first time we'd actually spoken much more than a few words. I remember talking to him and thinking "Damn it, of course this one's taken!". 

After that night, I cut things off with the other guy and didn't go back to Vanderbilt for about a month or so because I didn't have much of a reason to. Until one weekend when my friend texted me at work asking if I wanted to go with her, telling me I'd "been requested." Me being a naive little freshmen didn't think anything of it. I had heard, however, that Jerry and the girl he had been talking to weren't a thing anymore, so I may or may not have gotten a little extra dressed up to impress him. It worked. Or so I thought. We ended up running into each other and hanging out most of the night. The next day we all left for spring break. I went to New Orleans with my friend (the same one), and he was planning on going back home to his family. I had already been planning on coming back mid week for work, and Jerry accidentally missed his flight. Since we were the only two people in Nashville, we spent the entire second half of the week together, and the rest is history. Also, it turns out that he was the one who had asked my friend to bring me, so I guess it wasn't my outfit after all. haha 

This year will be our fourth Valentines Day together (that sounds insane to me), and while we currently don't have anything planned I was so excited when Jord Watches reached out to me to collaborate on a Valentines Day post, because I think that their watches make such a cool, unique gift. I received a watch from them a while back, (you can read that post here) and still wear it all the time. It quickly became one of my all time favorite accessories and I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. If you're looking for the perfect gift to surprise that special someone in your life this year, you can click here in order to get $25 off your purchase, and enter for a chance to win $100 off! You can also shop mens watches here, or womens watches here!

Thank you so much for sticking with me through what I know was a SUPER long post!