White (Booties) After Labor Day!

White dress with white boots
White fringe dress
Olivia Shea Style, White fringe dress, brown smokey eye

Hey friends, happy September! Can you believe how quickly 2019 is flying by? I know technically since yesterday was Labor Day we’re supposed to stop wearing white now for some reason, but I don’t plan on stopping ANY time soon, and I don’t think you should either! So, since I’m feeling a bit rebellious, I figured why not make my first post-Labor Day blog post an all white outfit?

I originally bought this dress for my bachelorette party, but honestly it’s just too good of a dress to only wear once, so I’m dreaming up as many ways to wear it this fall as possible! I definitely plan on wearing it under a denim jacket when it gets a little colder, and may even wear it to my rehearsal brunch, because I truly am obsessed. But… Even though I could go on and on about how much I love this dress (and can you imagine how perfect it would be for a Nashville bachelorette party?) I’m not actually here to talk about the dress. I’m here to talk about why if you only buy one pair of shoes this fall, they should be white booties!

I bought these on a whim because I found them on a super good sale, and I wasn’t sure how much use I’d get out of them. Fast forward a month and a half, and I think I’ve maybe worn them like 30+ times. They seriously upgrade every outfit, and automatically make any dress look super fashionable! I feel like they pop more, and they just make any outfit look super intentional and thought out, if that makes sense. Like, brown or black booties are an obvious choice for most outfits, but white definitely takes the outfit up a level!

My white booties are actually sold out, but I plan on investing in a bit nicer of a pair in the near future anyways because of how much I wear them, so I did a little bit of shopping around and found a ton of cute pairs, all under $200! I’ve linked them all to the picture, so all you need to do is click and it will take you directly to the pair you click on!

If you had to choose just one thing, what would be on the top of your fall style shopping list?