UpBra: The Bra That Changed My Mind About Push Up Bras!

This post is sponsored by Upbra, but all opinions are 100% my own! 


Bra UpBra (c/o) / I also have this strapless bra, which stays in place way better than any other strapless bra I’ve owned! (c/o) / Robe Luxor Linens (c/o)

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! Today, I’ve decided to get a bit more personal and talk about something I haven’t really covered before here on Olivia Shea Style: Bras! I typically try to stick with a rule “If I wouldn’t want my mom or grandma to see it, I’m not going to post it,” so I’ve never really posted about bras or underwear just because I’m never sure how to go about it, but I love this bra SO much that I decided there had to be a way to tell you guys about it without showing too much skin! Besides, it covers just as much as a swimsuit, and those are totally fine to post, so what’s the big deal? (Disclaimer, I did send my mom these pictures first to make sure she wouldn’t be horrified. lol)

Before discovering UpBra, I’ve never really been a fan of push up bras. I’ve always found them uncomfortable and felt like my boobs were pushing them down so they would sit lower on my ribcage and not the other way around, and the back would often ride up, which I hated! So, that top nude bra has been one of my go-to styles because of the comfort aspect. As you can see, it does the job, but there is no real lift to it, it just kind of keeps everything in place. BUT, then I discovered UpBra.

You may remember UpBra from this post about their swimsuits that I wrote earlier this summer! Because I loved their swimsuit so much, I decided to give their actual bra a try and they did not disappoint! This bra is seriously a GAME CHANGER! As you can see in the picture, there is a rubberized lining (the hearts in the cups, as well as lining around the band) that keeps it in place, so I don’t have the typical problem with it moving that I’ve experienced with so many other push up bras. To me, that makes such a huge difference comfort wise!

Another thing that I love about these bras is that they have adjustable and customizable “Cleavage Control Straps”, so it works with any size to give you the exact amount of lift you want! Basically, these are the straps that cross at the center (seen in the picture above) and allow you to adjust your cleavage to look exactly how you want it to. They are connected to the inside of the bra, and when pulled, they push you upwards and inwards for that perfect lift! They're super easy to adjust, all you have to do to adjust is pull the straps and hook them into place!

Like I mentioned, I’ve never really been a fan of push up bras, but this one has completely changed my mind. When I’m wearing it, it honestly feels like any normal bra, and is SO comfortable that I’ve actually fallen asleep wearing it once or twice (whoops). As far as sizing goes, I’ve found that since their bras are so adjustable I’ve had no issues with ordering my normal bra size. If you have any questions about the fit, or anything at all you can always comment here, email me, or DM me on Instagram!