Shooting with Animals and the Coziest PJ's!

IMG_6263 (1).jpg

Pajamas Nordstrom / Necklace Kendra Scott (c/o) / Headboard Wayfair 

It's so crazy to me that it's almost Valentines Day! First off, let me just say that shooting in an apartment full of animals is WAY harder than one might think! Between Euler jumping up onto the bed and humping the pillows behind me mid-shoot (yes, this actually happened...) and the cats walking in front of the camera, it was pretty much impossible! Super entertaining though. As I write this I have Queenie on my lap in front of the computer, so really I'm pretty sure they're just all ganging up and trying to make it as hard as physically possible for me to get this blog post up. 

Funny enough, I'm not the biggest donut person. I've actually lived across the street from Krispy Kreme for almost a year now and have managed to resist for the most part, but when they came out with their Valentines Day donuts, I had no choice, let's be real. They're just so cute! And while I didn't think I was a huge donut person, I'm writing this post two days later and the entire box is gone so... 

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Jerry and I will have just gotten back from New Orleans the day before, so we most likely will be staying in and making a nice dinner at home!