Comfy Shorts and a Life Update!


Shorts Target / Shirt Feather Nest Boutique (c/o) / Shoes DSW (dupe here) / Bag Barrington Gifts (c/o)

Wow guys, it's been a little while since I've been able to get a post up! So sorry about that! Life lately has been a bit crazy as we've been getting ready to move in 9 days and turn our current apartment into a second Airbnb. So far we still have to replace the carpet (Euler dug a hole in it... whoops!) and repaint the walls (which have marks all over them from playing fetch with Euler. Clearly he's single handedly destroying everything! haha). We also still have to put together the furniture that we ordered for the Airbnb, but we can't do that until the animals are out, so we have to wait until we move. 

Last time I talked about the move on my stories, the plan was to Airbnb the apartment that we currently live in until our lease was up, and then get all of our furniture back. Since then we've decided to go all in, sign the lease on this apartment for another year and Airbnb it full time, so we will have two full time Airbnb's to run. We decided to go full time with our second Airbnb because it's actually pretty hard to find an apartment that will allow you to Airbnb here in Nashville, so we felt like not keeping the apartment would be such a wasted opportunity.

So what does this mean for us? Well, A, we won't be getting our furniture back after all, so we'll be living in a pretty empty apartment for a little while as we slowly re-furnish the place, because we're basically starting from scratch. Literally the only piece of furniture we are bringing with us is our couch, because we'll be replacing it with these super cute trundle daybeds. Obviously, the first thing that we'll have to buy is a bed. So for most of the summer we'll most likely have a couch, a bed, and possibly a tv. That being said, I am completely obsessed with our new apartment and am SO excited to move! We're moving from a loft to a two bedroom, so it will be nice to actually have a door on our bedroom, and I'm super excited to turn the second bedroom into an office space where I'll be able to work on all things blog, because I currently work from my bed, so that will be such a welcome change! I'm also really excited to redecorate. I guess that's one of the best things about starting from scratch. Our current apartment is very pink and girly, so I've decided that the new apartment is going to be a little bit more neutral. Right now I'm thinking there will be a lot of navy blue, gold, and white. 

I'll be blogging all about the move, so let me know if there is anything specific that you want to see! I am also currently working on my post all about running an airbnb, so that will be going up some time next month as well!