Battle of The Blue Light Glasses: Which Pair Gets You the Least Blue for Your Buck!


If you have a 9-5 job, no matter what it is, chances are that you are staring at a screen for a good portion of your day. As a blogger, a social media marketer and an Airbnb host, it’s honestly rare for me to go more than 15 minutes during the day without looking at a screen. This past year, I started to notice that I had been getting headaches way more frequently than I used to, and I had been having the hardest time falling asleep and staying asleep. I had tried blue light glasses in the past and they were a little bit helpful, but Euler had chewed them up so I hadn’t used them in about a year. Me, being as cheap as I am tried using them for a couple of weeks, but the dog tooth marks caused them to literally pull my hair out anytime I tried to take them off, so I decided that I needed something new! I ended up purchasing these on Amazon, and they were okay, but I honestly didn’t notice the BIGGEST difference with them on, so I found myself not wearing them most of the time. But I still really wanted to find something that worked. So I kept looking.

Since Jerry and I really like to watch some Netflix to end the night but Jerry also wakes up at the butt crack of dawn (he literally wakes up at 3:45am) he bought these ones on Amazon because he wanted something that literally blocked out ANY blue light whatsoever and allowed him to fall asleep and sleep soundly the second we turned off our show. While I will 100% agree that these are absolutely the most effective pair of blue light glasses we have in our apartment, they obviously aren’t the most practical. You’d get some pretty strange looks if you decided to try these at work, or worse… at a coffee shop! lol

Since I’ve put so much time and honestly money into finding the best pair of affordable (lol that’s ironic since it took me spending about $100 on different pairs to find these) blue light glasses, I thought I’d break it down for you and explain what I liked and didn’t like about each pair, so you could make an informed decision and get it right the first time!


I loved this pair from Phonetic Eyewear when they first came in the mail! They were super cute on, and I truly did feel like they made a difference in the amount of blue light I was seeing on my screen! BUT, they were super loose. The “arms” (is that what they’re even called?” barely held onto my head and didn’t wrap well around my ears at all, so every time I looked down, (which is basically always when I was working on my phone or computer) they would fall right off. That might not be how every pair from Phonetic is though, so if you’re looking for a pair of blue light glasses that works well, I loved the actual blue light blocking effect, so they might still be worth a try being as the style I have is a couple of years old and they have probably improved their design since!


Once Euler decided to show that first pair who was boss, I decided that I needed to try to find a pair that fit my head a bit better anyways, and after looking through a ton of different Amazon reviews, I ended up with these. Honestly, these are OKAY, but I would not recommend them. I really couldn’t tell a huge difference whether they were on or off, and they smudged so easily that even if they had helped a bit with the blue light, I felt like I was looking through dirt no matter how frequently I cleaned them. I didn’t end up wearing them much at all, and decided that I needed to try a new pair.


After trying literally three different pairs of blue light glasses, not only are these hands down the cutest pair I’ve tried, they are also 100% the most effective pair I’ve used, too! I seriously do notice a difference on days when I use them and days when I don’t (I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now) and have gotten so many compliments on the way they look! Jerry seriously has asked me not to take them off (lol). They’re less than $20, so I feel like for how much they help my sleep and headaches they are 2000% worth the price, and it seriously doesn’t hurt that they’re also the most flattering pair I’ve found! After searching high and low for the perfect pair of Blue Light Glasses, I would absolutely recommend this pair to anyone who is looking. They check all of my boxes. Cute. Affordable. Effective. Enough said.

IMG_4166 (1).jpg
IMG_4170 (1).jpg

Last, but ABSOLUTELY not least, I present you with: The Birth Control Goggles! LOL Jerry bought these to watch TV with at night since he is super easily affected by light, and he wakes up at an ungodly hour. I can 100% say that if you don’t care at all about looks and just want something insanely effective, these block out ALL of the blue light. Literally ALL. Of. IT. But also they look like this, so… Your call… Haha I’d say that for my purposes, the ones I recommended above may not block out literally every single ray of blue light, but they definitely make a huge difference, and so for less than $20 they are absolutely worth the investment!

Blue light glasses have helped me so much when it comes to falling asleep at night and preventing headaches, and when it comes to choosing the right pair, there are SO many options out there that claim to work! I’ve clearly tried a ton of different options, and I cannot say enough amazing things about this pair that I’ve been using for the last couple of weeks. They’re affordable, cute, comfortable, and effective, and I definitely see myself using them for years to come!