Bachelorette Party (or Honeymoon) Swimsuit Roundup!

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With my wedding only 5 months away, I’ve had my bachelorette party on my mind for the past couple of weeks! While we’re currently still in the earlyish stages of planning, I know there’s a pool party or two on the itinerary, so I’ve been scouring the internet for the cutest white swimsuits I can find! I did my best to find suits to fit every price range, because as much as I absolutely LOVE that gorgeous white lace Becca swimsuit in the bottom row (which is currently on sale for under $100!), I’m trying to stick to a budget and I know a lot of you guys are too! I plan on ordering the super cute dupe I found (first in the second row) because for only $29 it has a similar look and amazing reviews!

Another piece I really love (and own) is the super cute palm print robe! It’s the one I’m wearing in the photo above, and I love the way it looks over a solid color swimsuit! I plan on gifting one to each of the girls on my bachelorette party so that we can all wear them to the pool together! I’ve never been huge on the matching printed tees that I see groups of girls wearing pretty much every 25 feet here in Nashville, but I do want a way for us all to look like a party, so I think those robes are the perfect solution! Not only are they super fun, they still allow each girl to show off her own style with whichever swimsuit she chooses to wear underneath, and they’re something the girls can re-wear over and over again! Another thing that I’ve purchased to gift to each girl on the trip is the pineapple tumbler I’m holding in the picture! The exact ones I have are sold out, but I linked a couple that are super similar! I love them because they’re so playful and fun, and they’re another thing the girls can and will re-use once the trip is over! My main goal when it comes to bridesmaids gifts is making sure that I don’t just buy them a bunch of junk they’ll never use again after the wedding!

What did you/what do you plan on gifting your bridesmaids? Or, if you’ve been a bridesmaid, what has your favorite gift that you’ve received from any wedding you’ve been in? I know my girls are committing to a lot, so I’m always looking for more suggestions for fun things I can do for them. Since they’re from all over, a destination bachelorette party was pretty much our only option (any guesses where we’re going?) and the majority of them have to travel to the actual wedding, too! So I want to spoil them as much as I can as a thank you, because I know that my wedding (as much as I try to find the most affordable options for everything that we’ve done) is definitely a financial commitment on their end.




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